Campus in bloom

As the spring semester grinds onward and the stress piles up for Wichita State students, one thing that can possibly help is to stop and smell the roses or, in this case, tulips.

The WSU landscape department has planted around campus in order to bring a pop of color to the university’s working environment.

Landscape technician Kari Ossman, who was involved in the planning of the flowerbeds and planting of the tulips back in November, said she sees her department as one designed to help students and faculty.

“We feel like we’re kind of support staff for campus,” Ossman said. “We are trying to create this environment, a real welcoming, clean, beautiful environment on campus, so that students and faculty and staff feel comfortable here.”

Another part of this effort is the giving away of tulips when their petals start to fall. Ossman said students who see a group of workers digging up tulips are encouraged to ask for some, as the landscape department will give them away for personal planting.

Ossman said this, combined with the color the tulips bring to campus, makes it a better environment for everyone.

“My position is to grow flowers and beautify campus,” Ossman said. “To make it a more warm and inviting place to be.”