REVIEW: Drink of the week – Pistachio Oat milk Frappuccino with sweet cream cold foam


Jacinda Hall / The Sunflower

Starbucks features their nutty spring drink the Pistachio latte, able to be made hot, iced or blended, and with milk substitutes.

With all this winter weather, it’s crazy to think that spring break is coming up just around the corner. But, spring break means a time away from (most) school work and enjoying time with friends, family or with ourselves before we prepare for finals. 

To kick off the week before spring break, let’s celebrate with a drink. No, not an alcoholic drink, some coffee, specifically, a Starbucks Frappuccino. 

Because St. Patrick’s Day falls right in the middle of spring break, let’s make an early toast to the holiday with a Pistachio Frappuccino, with a few twists. 

Instead of getting the regular Pistachio Frappuccino, try it with oat milk, it actually brings out the pistachio flavor even more. Another alternative you can try is topping the drink off with the sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle, instead of whipped cream. 

The cold foam and drizzle adds more sweetness to the drink, without having it be super sweet and yes, they still add the pistachio topping to the drink, even if you get the foam instead. 

If you get the drink, enjoy it and enjoy your spring break.