Where the best vending machines are on campus


By Kyran Crist / The Sunflower

Vending machines on campus help students grab a meal, a drink and even notebooks and other supplies. For students constantly on the go, these options can be helpful and are conveniently located around campus.

Between being a full-time college student, working at least one job, attempting to prepare ourselves for our adult careers on top of having a social life, university students are typically hustling to get from one point to another. 

With our backpacks shuffling on our backs and our brains racing, we do not always find the time to pause and enjoy a meal. However, scattered around campus are plenty of vending machines.

In Jabara Hall outside of the elevators are multiple gigantic vending machines. Two have Dasani water, Minute Maid pink lemonade, Powerade, milk, juice and more. 

On the other side are the snack options. From salty to sweet, the options range from Flaming Hot Cheetos and Doritos to Pop-Tarts and Skittles. 

For the healthiest option, the Rhatigan Student Center has a salad machine. It works similar to a vending machine. Inside are bright red tomatoes, leafy greens as well as other fresh ingredients that are switched out daily. The machine accepts debit cards as a form of payment. 

Being in the center of a majority of WSU’s buildings, it is a smart and quick option to stop by and get a healthier meal option. 

The best vending machines found on campus are the ones in Shocker Hall. Of course, there are multiple available throughout the building that are all decently filled. 

The single machine for snacks is not always 100% full but offers the same snacks as any other vending machines on campus. There are two machines specifically for drinks. One offers Coke products while the other offers Dasani products. This location offers three different kinds of Monster energy drinks for those who need a quick pick-me-up before their next item on their to-do list.

The final vending machine offers supplies that many university students find useful. The trick to this machine is getting to it on time because the goodies in this machine run out fast. It offers one subject notebooks, shampoo and conditioner, Plan B that is twenty dollars cheaper than at Walmart and other essential items.

For college students, this vending machine is perfect. If a student runs out of detergent at a time they cannot go to the store, Tide’s Clean and Fresh laundry detergent holds six washes inside the small bottle.

Unfortunately, the trick to this wonderful machine is that the prices of the products are a mystery until you go to purchase them with your card. 

Just about every building on campus has a vending machine for students to stop by and get a snack between classes. The few machines described offer unique products or are constantly restocked to keep us hustling university students energized and smiling.