SGA senator asked to leave meeting for not following mask mandate rules



Senator Samuel McCrory was forced to leave the SGA meeting on Wednesday after refusing to change his mask

A student government senator had to leave Wednesday’s SGA meeting after refusing to put on a different mask. 

Senator Sam McCrory wore an outline of a mask with what appeared to be only mesh covering the mouth and nose. SGA requires masks to be worn in the chamber.

McCrory has sparked controversy during his time at SGA multiple times. He’s worn a “white lives matter” mask at multiple meetings, including the inauguration ceremony, and was censured by the student senate in February after stating that identity based groups, like the Black Student Union, were “discriminatory.”

When asked to put on a proper mask, McCory refused, arguing that his mask “followed CDC guidelines” because it “covered the mouth and nose.”

“Well, I disagree,” Speaker of the Senate Jacob Tubach said. “So I would ask … that you put a mask on or I will have you leave the chamber.”

McCory challenged the ruling of the speaker, which led to a vote to either overrule the speaker’s decision or to sustain the decision regarding McCrory leaving the chamber due to his mask. With three in favor of the ruling and 22 against, McCrory had to leave the meeting.

“Its a miscarriage of justice,” Mcrory said as he left the room.

“I hope you guys enjoyed the show,” Tubach said sarcastically right after McCrory left.

Tubach also apologized to the people who attended the meeting, many of whom showed up to speak in public forum about the proposed funding cut that was voted on later that meeting.

“I would like to try and remind everyone that this is a chamber where we conduct serious business and there are people here to talk about that tonight,” Tubach said. “I apologize that our attention was directed from what you wish to come here and speak to the senate about.”

CORRECTION: The printed version of this story’s headline said “SGA senator asked to leave meeting for not breaking mask mandate rules” when it meant to say “not following mask mandate rules.” This story has the correct headline.