Endless Pawsibilities: New student organization on campus partners with Kansas Humane Society


Mia Hennen/ The Sunflower

Natalie Walters and her friends walk their dog during the Walk 4 Pets event hosted by Pawsibilities on April 16.

Dog owners around the community braved the Kansas wind and committed to a 1 ½ mile walk around campus with their furry friends on the day before Easter.

Walk 4 Pets is an event to raise money for the Kansas Humane Society.  It was hosted by the newly founded organization, Pawsibilities. The group began in a management class called Building Remarkable Teams. 

“The entire point of the class is you pick a cause you want to support and do donation events,” team member Garnett Tate said. “It’s a cool class — very involved.”

The team was made up of five official students involved with the class: Raven Garrison, Eymi Escalera, Tate, Victor Farina and Kiandra Hobley. Honorary members include Cole McDaniel and Sergio Escalera.

Victor Farina feeds Puppuccinos to dogs during the Walk 4 Pets event hosted by Pawsibilities, a student organized fundraising group. (Mia Hennen/ The Sunflower)

The team chose to support the Kansas Humane Society because of their love for pets. All team members have the training to be some sort of KHS volunteer or have had experience volunteering.

“We have been partnering with them all semester, and this is kind of our big event,” Garrison said. “Registration fee is ten dollars and that goes straight to the humane society, and we don’t take any chunk of that.”

Although the organization began through a class, members are hopeful that it will continue past the semester. 

“We’re hoping someone will take this and run with it next semester,” Tate said.

If you are interested in or have questions about the organization, contact [email protected]