Broadcaster predicts Shocker season

Sports Editor

Clark Kellogg, lead college basketball studio analyst at CBS Sports and vice president of player relations for the Indiana Pacers, provides insight on college basketball as an analyst. During an interview, he gave his take on Shocker men’s basketball and their potential as they approach post-season tournament play.

First thing, first. How about those Shockers this season? What do you think of them so far?

I love that team. I’m actually impressed by the fans, too. That’s one of the venues I would like to get to at some point in my college basketball broadcasting career … But on the court, this is a legitimate Final Four-caliber team. I have said it and felt all year even though I haven’t been around them this year in-person. I’ve watched them and was there at the Final Four last year, very impressed with the coaching staff and the resilience and togetherness of the team. The talent of level is good enough. This is a legitimate team. I know some folks are deriding the conference strength, or lack thereof, but they can play with anybody.

Talking about the Capital One cup, how do you feel about the university and its race for the cup this year?

Clearly the basketball team on the Wichita State side has an opportunity to earn some valuable points in the race for the Capital One cup. The Capital One cup awards excellence across multiple sports in Division 1 men’s and women’s athletics. The Capital One cup goes to the successful program across multiple sports based on top ten national finishes after the fall, winter and spring seasons … The opportunity for bragging rights, pride and accomplishment, is what Capital One wants to honor and recognize as well as excellence on and off the field. So the Capital One Cup trophy recognizes that but also Capital One provides combined $400,000 in combined scholarship money for the winning program. So, it’s a terrific way to honor excellence of student athletes on and off the field or court and folks can actually keep track of the Capital One Cup race at

Breaking records seems to be the theme amongst this season for men’s and women’s athletics alike. How much farther do you think the team can go in making history and breaking records? 

You’re talking about the conference tournament and being able to perhaps go into the NCAA tournament undefeated. I think the ride can continue. I really do. I think it can continue well into March for this team. It will be fun to see if in fact it happens that way.

Everybody has had their eyes on the Jayhawks for the longest time. If we were to go into a contest today, how do you feel the Shockers would stand against the Jayhawks?

I would love to see it happen. I would actually like to see those teams play each in the home-and-home. I don’t know who would agree to that or which team would not agree to that, but I would love to see it happen. I know as a basketball fan and analyst, I don’t know if it will. On a neutral floor, it would be a heck of a matchup. Kansas obviously has size with… and Wiggins is athletic as a wing. In the backcourt, I think Wichita State is as good as any in the country. I think it would be on heck of a matchup … If it happens, then I will be ready to give my choice. Until then, I’m just going to land on the fact that it would be a great game.