Engineering graduate plans on taking knowledge abroad to Germany


Nithin Reddy Nagapur

Micah Self, senior, studying in the Honors College lounge.

Soon-to-be-graduate Micah Self is determined to take on the world at a young age and explore a life that is different from his own.

Self is a Wichita State graduating senior with a major in biomedical engineering.  Self knew from a young age that he was good at math, but was not particularly planning on going into the field of mathematics.

“I have been pretty humbled by Calc. II, Calc. III and differential equations,” he said. “But I thought, ‘Well I’m good at math and mathematics isn’t a great field to go into job-wise, but engineering is.’”

When visiting Wichita State for an engineering competition as an incoming freshman, he went on a tour with a group of other incoming freshmen going into the biomedical engineering field.

“I was really impressed with the labs and the faculty,” Self said. “That’s what made me choose biomedical for my major.”

Self’s advice for those going into the engineering field is to just relax a little bit and do everything with confidence.

“A lot of engineering majors get caught in this idea of black and white, right and wrong,” he said. “There’s a lot more areas in between the black and white, there’s a lot less structure and the absolute right answer or the absolute wrong answer.” 

After he graduates from Wichita State University, Self is hoping to spend graduate school abroad in Germany. 

“It’s a really good field for biomedical engineering,” he said. “It’s a really good place for it, it’s taught in English and Europe would be a really cool place to spend a couple years. Doing my masters abroad would be a really cool experience.”

Self’s mom, Karen Self, was sad at first for him to be living far away from home.

“He toyed with the idea of going to medical school and I was hopeful he would go to medical school in the region,” Karen said.  “But Micah very much wants to live abroad and explore culture, life and perspectives outside of Kansas, where he has lived his entire life.”

Karen has also said that she is in awe of her son for his willingness to strike out on his own in this way. 

“It’s not something I would’ve ever done,” Karen said. “I am very proud of him and his determination to explore and experience life more than I ever had the guts to do.” 

One piece of advice Self gives to her son is to relax and enjoy each moment of each day. 

“Practice being present with and treasuring the people you have the privilege and honor to be with for this is where life is found,” Karen said. “It sounds a little corny to me, but it’s the best advice I have today.”