Boatright signs a separation agreement, will receive $300,000 over 2022-2023


Kaylee Stout / The Sunflower

Darron Boatright explains the new NIL policy to the media at Charles Koch Arena on July 1. Boatright was promoted to athletic director in 2015 up until his firing on Wednesday.

Nearly three weeks after the termination of former Athletic Director Darron Boatright, Boatright signed a separation agreement that entitles him to $300,000 as “separation pay.”

Boatright will receive separation pay beginning in June every two weeks until June 2023. The biweekly payments will amount to over $11,500. 

Boatright signed the agreement established between him and WSU on May 22. President Rick Muma signed the agreement two days later. Boatright has until May 29 to revoke the agreement if desired.

The separation agreement statement said that the separation remains amicable and will allow Boatright and WSU to move forward with their priorities.

Before receiving a two-year contract extension, Boatright’s contract was set to expire in June 2022. The renewal in October 2020 enabled him to work until June 2024 before his termination this month. The university did not publicly announce the contract extension.

Boatright’s most recent employment agreement outlined that termination without cause from WSU would require the university to pay the rest of his base salary to him within 30 days. 

Boatright started at WSU in 2010 as the senior associate athletic director for external operations. He received a promotion to interim director of athletics before becoming director of athletics in 2016.

Boatright worked as athletic director since 2015. Notably, he led the school from the Missouri Valley Conference to the American Athletic Conference in 2017.

Complaints circulated about Boatright’s leadership amidst the controversy surrounding former head coach Greg Marshall in 2020. In addition, fans had raised complaints about the delayed start of a NIL—name, image and likeness—collective, which many believe is crucial to sports recruitment at WSU.

Muma’s statement on the termination of Boatright outlined the successes and frustrations of Boatright’s tenure.

“There were significant, ongoing concerns that became acute in recent weeks, ones that I did not believe could be addressed,” Muma said in a WSU statement, following the termination. “This decision is in the best interests of Wichita State, our coaches and staff, and our student-athletes.”

Muma said that the new athletic director is expected to be announced in the middle of June during a town hall meeting earlier this month. 

“My goal is to make sure that we get the right leadership to get us to the next level,” Muma said.