REVIEW: Starbucks welcomes you to paradise with two new fruity drinks


The Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher

When I first heard about Starbucks’ new drinks, I rushed to the nearest location just to try them.

The drinks were announced on June 21. These drinks are the Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher and the Paradise drink. Both drinks include the pineapple passion fruit lemonade and pineapple chunks. 

Both drinks are sweet and taste like a beverage you would order at an exotic resort, only without the expensive travel costs.

The pineapple passion fruit refresher made with the pineapple passion fruit lemonade has a sweet and tart taste to it. You can taste the flavors of both fruits at the same time and that’s what I really liked about this refresher. 

As for the Paradise drink, it is the same drink but it has coconut milk added to it. I liked this version better than the lemonade version. The coconut milk does take away the passion fruit flavor but does bring out more of the pineapple flavor. 

To me, the Paradise drink tastes exactly like a Piña Colada. The Paradise drink brings back memories of going to Mosley Melodrama and ordering non-alcoholic Piña Coladas while watching the live acts. 

The only downside I had with both of these drinks is the pineapple chunks. I love pineapple; in fact, pineapples and coconuts are my favorite fruits of all time. I am not a fan of chunks of fruit in my drink and would rather get the beverages without the fruit inclusions. 

If you like fruit in your drink and want to feel like you are in paradise, give these beverages a shot.