Find out what’s brewing in Wichita: The Wicked Brew Tour returns


Wicked Brew Tour’s 2022 passport

Every summer, Wichita dedicates the months of June through September to its breweries during the Wicked Brew Tour.

The Wicked Brew Tour is an annual event hosted by Visit Wichita. The event encourages locals and out-of-town visitors to dine at local breweries or check out local coffee shops around town. 

When the event first started in 2016, it was solely catered to local breweries. It wasn’t until recent years that they added more stops on the list. 

“We get so many people who participate and they want some new options,” Brandy Evans, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Wichita, said. “We really want this to be an economic benefit to our local businesses.” 

In order to participate in the event, you must pick up a passport from any of the stops that have a Wicked Brew Tour sign and you get it stamped at any of the stops shown on the passport.

The passport that is used for the event encourages participants to make 10 stops out of the 21 that are listed. Many of these stops include:

  • Cocoa Dolce
  • Churn and Burn
  • Il Primo 
  • Fairmount Coffee Co.
  • Leslie Coffee Co. 
  • The Donut Whole
  • Kookaburra Coffee
  • Reverie Coffee Roasters
  • River City Brewing Co.
  • Nortons Brewing Co.
  • Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria 

This year, Visit Wichita added four new stops to the passport. 

  • Espresso to Go Go
  • Apollo Fermentation
  • Inspirit Kombucha
  • White Crow Cider

“There’s lots to choose from. If you’re not solely into beer, there are coffee and kombucha options,” Evans said. “We wanted people to have the experience that they wanted by providing a lot of options.”

As an incentive for participating in the event, the first 1,500 people who turn in their stamped Wicked Brew Tour passports get a t-shirt while supplies last. 

To turn in your Wicked Brew Tour passport in person, go to the office of Visit Wichita located in WaterWalk LLC at 515 S. Main St. in Suite 115 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays.

If you are from out of town, you can mail in your passport to the same address above.