Strength and conditioning staff gain new coaches

Ryan Horn, Logan Barrett and Troy Vasilescu will begin their first full athletic season on the strength and conditioning staff this fall at Wichita State.

“The athletic department itself, the coaching staff, the administration, the facilities from top to bottom… we are just surrounded by phenomenal people and that’s what attracted me here was the opportunity to build and continue to push this department in the direction that its current trajectory is in,” Horn said.

Ryan Horn

Ryan Horn became head coach of the strength and conditioning staff in May of 2022. (Courtesy of WSU Athletics)

Horn became the head strength and conditioning coach in May of 2022. He joined the program after former head coach Kerry Rosenboom resigned in March after 35 years in WSU’s athletic department.

Rosenboom’s reasons for leaving had to do with a lack of respect and appreciation from administration, according to the Wichita Eagle

Horn has 15 years of prior experience in strength and conditioning training. He has worked with men’s basketball programs at Virginia Commonwealth University, Tulsa and Wake Forest. 

Horn’s role will include working with men’s basketball Head Coach Isaac Brown as well as overseeing the entire strength and conditioning department.

Logan Barrett

Logan Barrett joined the strength and conditioning staff in July of 2022. (Courtesy of WSU Athletics )

Barrett became an assistant strength and conditioning coach in July of 2022. Before joining the Shockers, he worked with athletic programs from the University of South Alabama and the University of Texas at Dallas. 

Barrett has experience working with various sports programs – including softball, baseball, track and field and men’s and women’s golf programs. 

Troy Vasilescu

Troy Vasilescu is in his first year as a graduate assistant for the strength and conditioning staff. (Courtesy of WSU Athletics)

Vasliescu is in his first year as a graduate assistant for the strength and conditioning department. He earned an undergraduate degree at Central Connecticut State University and was a member of the football team there.

 Vasilescu completed an internship in strength and conditioning at Trinity College and Quinnipiac University after graduating from Central Connecticut. 

Vasilescu will oversee the track and field and golf programs at Wichita State.