Food for fines helps pardon parking citations

The start of a semester means a clean slate, but it also means there’s a chance to collect parking tickets. 

If you find yourself with a fine in the upcoming week, you’re in luck because for the fifth year, Food for Fines will run from Aug. 23-26. 

Food for Fines is a service that allows you to trade in food to negate a parking citation. The food and items donated will be supplied to the Shocker Support Locker. The Shocker Support Locker holds food, clothing, toiletries and baby/family products for students, faculty and staff members. 

To participate, a donation form must be filled out and the parking quiz completed. You can drop off the donation at the Student Government Association office (RSC 219). 

Tickets must be $5o and under to be eligible for a nullified citation. For citations $30 and under, 7  items must be donated, and for citations $50 and under, 14 items must be donated. A citation has to be within 2 months of the donation period, and only 6 citations per year can be forgiven. 

This semester, Food for Fines will be occurring the second week in October and the first week of December. 

Another way to pay off citations is through an alternative program, Supply for Fines, which runs the first week of every month from Tuesday-Thursday. 

For any questions or inquiries, you can contact [email protected] or check out their webpage.