Mayor Whipple visits SGA Senate meeting at second session of semester


Mia Hennen

Mayor Brandon Whipple poses with members of the SGA Senate after speaking to the group on Aug. 31. Whipple spoke of his own time at SGA from when he attended WSU.

To begin the second Student Government Association meeting of the fall semester, Mayor Brandon Whipple visited the Senate to share his experience and guidance as a former member of SGA.

“I wouldn’t be the Mayor of Wichita if it wasn’t for student government,” Whipple said. 

Whipple said that as a Wichita State student he got involved by joining the crew team on campus. He was motivated to join SGA when he learned that his team was facing budget cuts. During this time, he went to Topeka for a lobbying trip on behalf of the student body. 

“I was just in awe because I was exposed to the legislature,” Whipple said. “Leadership isn’t so much about meeting on issues, it’s about making leaders of other people.”

After the speech, John Kirk, Speaker of the Senate and At-Large Senator, awarded Sydney McKinney “The Golden Sunflower” award. 

We wanted to create ‘The Golden Sunflower’ once a semester,” Kirk said. “I wanted to create… something and give back to the students of Wichita State.”

In an SGA press release on Aug. 29, SGA announced President Mitchell Adamson’s vice president elect, Kian Williams, SGA Government Relations Chair and At-Large Senator. 

At Wednesday night’s session, Adamson said that he hoped the Senate would support Williams’ confirmation in a few weeks. To become vice president, Williams has to be approved by two-thirds of the Senate.

“He has demonstrated strong leadership skills in the Senate, along with a passion for the student body,” Adamson said in SGA’s press release. “Overall, I think that he is experienced in strategic engagement, and this will guide his thought processes during his term allowing us to maximize the utility of the student body.” 

During this meeting, thirteen new senators were elected into office. The newly elected officials are: Aaron Haynes as an International Senator, Jade Boyett as a Freshman Senator, Tanner Minette as an At-Large Senator, Jaquelinne Villa as an Applied Studies Senator, Sophia Fleer as a Freshman Senator, Nathan Atkinson as an Out of State Senator, Jed Cole as a Freshman Senator, Tiffany Meredith as a Business Senator, Kylee Hower as an Underserved Senator, Mary Elizabeth as an Underserved Senator, Akash Desai as an Engineering Senator, Sophie Martins as an At-Large Senator, and Kristy Pacheco as an Applied Studies Senator.