OKC associate professor visits WSU to share his research

Xu Zhang, an associate professor at Oklahoma State University. delivers a lecture series at Jabara Hall on Sept. 2. The lecture was titled “Immersed Finite Element Methods for Three-Dimensional Interface Problems”

Xu Zhang, an Oklahoma State University associate professor, has been immersed in the world of math since he was young. Zhang brought his research and joy to the university on Friday afternoon to lecture on “Immersed Finite Elements Methods for Three-Dimensional Interface Problems.”

“My research is focused on the interface problems which arise when two types of material or multi-material are involved in a simulation,” Zhang said.

The research is being developed to be a fast, robust, accurate numerical method to tackle problems.

Zhang said since he has enjoyed math from a young age, he knew that was what he would be majoring in. He graduated with his undergraduate degree and masters in China, before moving to America to pursue his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. 

“I’m very fortunate to have a career in math,” Zhang said. 

Wichita State has faculty members with overlapping research interests leading him to come share his research with the department.

Zhang said his biggest challenge right now is getting students to study traditional mathematics instead of newer fields.

“I hope students can enjoy this, the rigor of mathematics, and they want to devote their efforts and career in this field,” Zhang said.