Mini Wellness Fair shows student health services provided on campus


Jacinda Hall

Senior, Thinh Huynh and Grad student, Skyy Freeman answer a student’s question about the Community Service Board at the Mini Wellness Fair on Sept. 14.

The Mini Wellness Fair is the perfect place for students to find a friendly and welcoming environment, and tons of freebies.

The fair was created to help students find health services on campus that they may not have known about.

“When they are in crisis, they can go to CAPS (Counseling and Prevention Services) or come to student health services,” Heather Stafford, Student Health Services director, said. “We want students to know that a lot of these places have free to discounted services for health care, and it’s accessible to them while they’re here.”

Stafford started the Mini Wellness Fair and has been there through the six years of the event.

A service students may not know about is the new dietitian on campus. Registered dietitian Madison Osburn is there to guide the students with their dietary habits.

“I have handouts that can encourage them to make healthy choices. It is important to implement nutrition into your daily life,” Osburn said.

Student Health Services also has a gynecological service.

“These services are something people are a little embarrassed to talk about,” Sara Cowen, registered nurse and practitioner with gynecological services, said.