Book lovers swap ideas and book recommendations at Ablah Library


Jaycie Nelson / The Sunflower

Natalie Feild talks to Yashwanth Sai about classical books. Students were invited to attend a book swap event hosted by Student Activities Council to talk about their favorite books on Sept. 28.

“No talking in the library” didn’t apply on Wednesday afternoon as students gathered to exchange ideas on books they’ve been enjoying. 

The Student Activities Council hosted the book swap in Ablah Library on Wednesday afternoon. Although the name would imply trading physical books, students instead swapped reading lists and ideas.

The event had several book tables with different genres of books available for checkout. The genres included fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, classic plays, short stories, crime, mystery, horror, history and research, culture and identity, contemporary fiction, romance, and drama. 

Manju Paramshetty, a freshman studying aerospace engineering, said she attended the event to see different people, learn and maybe swap some books.

“We know that a lot of our students like to read, but they don’t necessarily know what to read next,” Elly Gordon, traditions chairperson on the Student Activities Council, said. “We were just hoping to give them some possible ideas.”

Natalie Feild, a sophomore studying English Literature, has hopes of starting a book club for WSU and came to the event to volunteer and promote the club. 

“We actually got into some really deep conversations of what defines a classic novel,” Feild said. “Everyone has their own definition of what a classic is.”

Similar activities and events can be found on the SAC webpage.