FOCUS chalks up conversation on abortion rights

Rowan Singer writes messages advocating for abortion rights on the sidewalks of the RSC North patio. Members of FOCUS (Feminists On Campus Uniting Students) and CatCallsOfICT mentioned that there were students who walked past and told them other topics to write about as well.

Members of the on-campus feminist organization, Feminists On Campus United Students (FOCUS), strived to make changes in the reproductive movement. FOCUS members spent some time writing supporting messages regarding abortion rights on Thursday afternoon.

“We are here representing FOCUS,” Elly Gordon, FOCUS treasurer, said. “We are just trying to raise awareness and support for both abortion and recognizing the fact that it’s completely normal [to receive an abortion].”

The group engaged in conversation on the topic with passers and anyone interested in what they were up to. 

“We’ve had several people stop and suggest things for us to write,” Gordon said. “We’ve had people stop and talk to us a little bit about how they think this is a really great idea.” 

FOCUS works to include and work for everyone on campus. 

“Focus is about creating equal rights for everyone, no matter your gender, your sexuality, your race,” Gordon said. “We just really want to try and create an equal world and raise awareness about how it’s not equal right now.”