REVIEW: Campus coffee shops offer a great study space


Jacinda Hall

The Starbucks in Braeburn Square usually offers more of a quiet atmosphere to students.

Coffee shops have a relaxing environment that works for just about anything. From studying to just simply relaxing, it’s nice to enjoy some time to yourself or with others over a cup of coffee. 

For students at Wichita State, they have plenty of options to choose from on campus. Here is a run-down of all the options offered on campus: 

Fairmount Coffee Co. 

Located on 17th street just across campus, Fairmount Coffee Co. is a great place to grab a drink and hang out. 

Fairmount is locally owned and open to the public, but most of the customers that hang out in the shop are Wichita State students, making it a convenient way to dine locally without going out of your way. 

Besides coffee, Fairmount also has a selection of breakfast options, sandwiches and lunch wraps to choose from. 


Wichita State has two Starbucks locations on campus for your convenience. Wichita State has one in the RSC and one in Braeburn Square. 

The only difference between the two Starbucks locations is the one in the RSC takes dining dollars. If you are a student living on campus and want to use your dining dollars, the Starbucks in the RSC is the way to go. 

However, if you are wanting a study space that is more relaxing and less busy, try going to the Braeburn Square Starbucks. 

The Groundhouse

The Groundhouse is a convenience store located on campus. It is attached to the dining hall on the first floor of Shocker Hall.

The Groundhouse serves coffee from Reverie Roasters, a local coffee shop here in Wichita, and they have a small area in the shop where you can study or chill out with friends.

Cargill Cafe

Cargill Cafe is Wichita State’s newest coffee shop on campus. Cargill Cafe is located inside Woolsey Hall and has a nice area with booths and chairs to study or relax in. Like The Groundhouse, Cargill Cafe also serves coffee from Reverie Roasters. 

Cargill Cafe is also located in front of Kay Woolsey Garden along with a fountain near the Promise Bridge giving you a nice view while enjoying a beverage. 

Credo Coffee Shop 

The basement of St. Paul’s Catholic Student Center is home to Credo Coffee Shop, a small coffee shop that also serves as a Catholic non-profit. 

Credo Coffee Shop is affordable for those looking for cheap coffee options. Their prices range from 50 cents to $3.75 for their drinks. 

Credo Coffee Shop offers dairy alternatives at a low cost and they have a large space for studying and relaxing.

Credo Coffee Shop also offers games such as ping-pong, pool and foosball so you can come down and play a game (or two) with friends while enjoying some coffee.