Shocker Support Locker at risk due to increased use


Mia Hennen

SGA advisor Gabriel Fonseca addresses the Shocker Support Locker and issues with it. During the 2023 fiscal year, the locker experienced extremely high usage.

The Shocker Support Locker is at risk due to increased usage. 

The locker, which is funded by SGA, is located on campus and provides students with food, toiletries, clothing and even baby products.

Students have accessed the locker over 23,000 times so far this school year. This number is almost 10,000 higher than the last three fiscal years combined.

Before the school year started, $35,000 were spent to fully stock the locker. Since August, over $11,000 has been spent to restock the locker.

The locker is a vital source for the Wichita State community, especially in combating food insecurity. WSU’s campus is located in a food desert, meaning there are no closeby stores providing fresh produce. 

In a 2016 survey, 56% of the student population knew someone who currently or had in the paced faced food insecurity. 

“We will never be able to solve food insecurity on this campus,” Gabriel Fonseca, SGA advisor, said. “We are simply a bandaid to the issue.”

During the student Senate meeting Wednesday evening, individuals involved with the locker presented the issue to the Senate in hopes of finding a solution.

Over the past five years, SGA has funded the locker a combined $125,000. Over $80,000 have been received in grants and donations. 

The locker’s supply comes from the Kansas Food Bank, Sam’s Club and donations. Since the opening, 4,388 items have been donated in total.

“The point of the locker is not as a grocery store,” Brandon McClain, SGA Senate advisor, said. “It is a food insecurity system where students can utilize and get quick meals.”

Grace Wilkie Hall has been home to the Shocker Support Locker since November of 2015. The support locker will be moving to the Shocker Success Center, following the Clinton Hall renovation, in order to meet the rising needs of the organization.

In the coming sessions, SGA plans to look into more ways to solve food insecurity on campus.

“We will never be able to solve this problem, but we are doing the absolute best we can to provide the resources to students,” Fonseca said.

Those interested in donating to the locker can visit