KBOR provides Shocker Support Locker with $105,000 in funding


Danielle Wagner

Student Government Assocation Advisor Gabriel Fonseca and Senate Advisor Brandon McClain give SGA an update on the Shocker Support Locker in fall 2022.

During the pandemic, the federal government provided states with money to be put towards higher education.

Having leftover money, the Kansas Board of Regents reached out on Oct. 27 to inform the Shocker Support Locker that they will be receiving $105,000 of the $600,000 left over from the federal government. 

The locker’s purpose is to help the WSU community fight food insecurity in a food desert, meaning it is difficult to purchase fresh produce nearby. Increased usage this year has made it difficult to keep the locker stocked. 

The locker has spent $46,000 for this school year so far between the initial stock and restocks.

The money will be put towards stocking the locker with food and hygiene products. Though the money will fully supply the locker for the school year, future funding plans are necessary.

“It still does not change the fact that we need to establish some permanent funding,” Gabriel Fonseca, SGA advisor said. “That money has to be spent by June.”

The locker will be looking for sponsors in the coming months to help provide long-term funding.

Those interested in donating to the locker can go to wichita.edu.