REVIEW: “Pho King” chooses quality instead of quantity


Caleb Spencer

“Pho King” offers a variety of menu items, including crab rangoons and egg rolls.

From the outside, Pho King is small and unassuming. Positioned at 4857 E Harry St., the small scale of the establishment allows Pho King to do what it does best – giving you some of the best pho in town, quickly and easily.

Dine-in and take-out are advertised on the sign outside before you walk into the building, and the front counter offers online order pickup on one side and regular ordering on the other. The online ordering process is short and sweet – pick your appetizers, pick what meat you’d like, and pick what noodles and broth you would like and you’re done. 

The indoor experience is similar, with a simple menu allowing you to quickly figure out what you should order. The friendly staff was quick to answer any questions I had about certain items, and after ordering and paying for your order, you’re able to get your drink and find your table.

The appetizers came first – two pork egg rolls and two crab rangoons. With sides of sweet chili and sweet and sour sauce, I thought the egg rolls offered a great mix of everything. The egg rolls were crisp, with a softer center full of flavor. The crab rangoon offered a similar experience, with warm cream cheese completely filling the appetizer. A perfect mix of crab meat set into the crab rangoon with onions completed an incredible appetizer. The bottom was crisp but not burnt, and the top was soft and allowed for quick feasting. The sweet and sour sauce was maybe a touch too sweet, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying some of the best crab rangoon I’ve had in Wichita.

My order came out soon after, with all the offerings already stewing in the piping hot bowl. After adding in some sriracha and hoisin sauce, I was able to dig into what has quickly become one of my favorite pho shops in town. 

I loved how the rice noodles retained so much of the flavor without becoming too clumped together and mushy, and the broth had incredible flavor right away thanks to the large mix of vegetables already provided in the broth. The jalapeños scattered throughout gave the broth a small kick, which complemented the healthy dose of sriracha I added. Basil and bean sprouts scattered across the outer ring of the bowl added plenty of flavors and allowed me to add however much I’d like into each bite. I thought the beef tasted wonderful and had a great texture, but I wish they used smaller slices similar to other pho restaurants in town.  The larger chunks made it difficult to properly get meat and noodles in one grab with my chopsticks. 

The large serving size meant I was unfortunately unable to finish my bowl in the restaurant, but taking it home is as easy as grabbing a large styrofoam cup and pouring the rest of your pho into it. 

After the drive home, I found the pho managed to hold together well, and after a quick reheat, I was able to enjoy the pho later that night with ease. 

With how fast, easy, and delicious Pho King turned out to be, I definitely plan on visiting again sooner rather than later. Thanks to a simplified menu, Pho King manages to excel in exactly what they need.