This week’s news in brief — Jan. 11

University leaders speak at Academic Resource Conference

Wichita State University President Rick Muma and Provost Shirley Lefever spoke at the annual Academic Resource Conference, a free and mostly online event available for those interested in learning more about WSU’s newest digital and data-oriented endeavors. Muma’s presentation, entitled “Opening Plenary: Digital Transformation at Wichita State” centered on digital advancements and strategies utilized at WSU and what he hopes to accomplish with these tools. 

Lefever followed Muma’s session a few days later with a presentation entitled “Campus Update and Listening Session,” where she provided essential information regarding new happenings on campus and addressed concerns or questions from the audience. 

These sessions occur annually and feature dozens of academic individuals with invaluable campus-oriented information. This year’s sessions can be viewed on the website for those who missed out or wish to review this year’s speakers and topics.

Athletic administrator Rege Klitzke celebrates retirement

After serving Wichita State University for 23 consecutive years, Senior Associate Atheltic Director for Business Operations Rege Klilzke has finalized his retirement with a farewell party hosted in his honor at the Charles Koch Arena on Jan. 6. 

During his time at WSU, Klilzke has seen the athletic department finance budget grow from $6 million to a whopping $22 million. He is credited for greatly contributing to this growth as the party responsible for all phases of business for the athletic department. In a farewell message Klilzke posted on Facebook, he shared his hopes to spend his retirement reconnecting with friends and family and to enjoy life as it comes.

In my years as a competitive athlete and working in athletics, it has been my good fortune to have experienced a lot of success and great memories. Those would not have happened without all of my teammates, co-workers, friends and especially family,” Klitzke wrote. “I am looking forward to the next phase of my life starting in 2023. I will have a lot more time and maybe can reconnect with some of you to share old memories and create new ones.“

New OIEC and SBDC directors named

Courtney McHenry, a former Ohio City of Columbus’ Department of Public Safety officer and assistant safety director, has joined Wichita State’s ranks as the newest Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC). McHenry, who is simultaneously working towards his doctorate in ethical leadership, is now responsible for coordinating efforts to provide equal opportunity and inclusion, harassment and discrimination prevention measures, and promoting the cultivation of diversity at Wichita State.

Following the retirement of Marcia Stevens, WSU Elliott School alum Brandy Willett has been appointed as the new regional director of the Kansas Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Willett enters the position with more than 20 years of experience leading the SBDC at Wichita State. 

As the new director, Willett will work to provide individualized service and care to small Kansas businesses while strengthening ties with SBDC partners.