REVIEW: Boba and chicken, what more could you want?

You can now get your chicken and boba fix down the street from WSU Tech and Shocker Studios on Harry and Hillside at Chick’n Pop. You’ll know you’re there when you see a painted chicken with a samurai hat.
Chick’n Pop has a very noticeable sign that lights up and has scrolling words. They also have a very pretty mural by the front doors of a baby chick with a samurai helmet holding boba. The parking is atrocious but luckily there are places nearby to park if the lot is full. The inside is also very small with only about five tables, most being two to a table. 

They have a very small menu. Honestly, if you want the short and sweet, it’s like Chick-fil-A but with boba. For food they have a chicken sandwich, a spicy chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders and fries. 

The standout item on the menu for me was their mushu fries, which are fries with sauce and chicken nuggets. For their mushu fries, think In-N-Out animal style fries, but actually good and with chicken. They also have a number of boba options. They have milk teas, fruit teas, coffee and frozen drinks with a number of different boba and jelly toppings.

I got the samurai deluxe (it’s just a normal chicken sandwich) with mushu fries and a brown sugar milk tea. My girlfriend got the kitana deluxe (spicy chicken sandwich) with fries and a thai milk tea. 

Honestly the chicken sandwiches were just like Chick-fil-A, but Chick-fil-A being just a tad better. The kitana deluxe, as someone who can’t handle any spice at all, found it to be not that spicy whatsoever. If I had to rank them I’d put the kitana over the samurai just because the extra spice adds a lot of missing flavor. 

The fries are skinny cut. They were good; I have no complaints. In my opinion, though, you should always upgrade to the mushu fries. The sauce they used has a tiny amount of heat, but it’s just so good. Animal style fries have nothing on the mushu fries and I will put that on my gravestone: that’s how strongly I feel about this. 

Now the boba; oh, how I was disappointed with their boba. The first thing wrong with their boba is the ice they used. They used crushed ice that would get sucked up the straw. This was very unappealing. 

The milk teas were very watered down. The brown sugar milk tea had a lot of flavor in the beginning then it lost all its flavor after a few sips. The best part of the boba were the pearls. Out of all the pearls I’ve had in Wichita, I’d rank these the best. It’s very disappointing because the pearls were so good, but the tea was just not good at all. 

In my opinion this place is good. If you live nearby or you’re in the neighborhood, I definitely think you should try this place out. I think Chick-fil-A is a little bit better, but as a new restaurant I see this place improving very fast. Get the mushu fries!