University admins promote unity through sweet treats


Brianna Cook

Students Phoebe Batten and Othman Alfraih attempt to count the number of candies in the jar while talking to Landyn Patterson, marketing coordinator at WSU. “Nothing is Sweeter than Meeting Admin” took place on Feb. 13 and encouraged students to get to know administration at WSU.

While most professors have a visible role amongst the student body, university administrators aren’t often out in the open. 

Instead of occupying lecture podiums, university leaders like First Gentlemen Rick Case and Provost Shirley Lefever are often on the move or anchored to their offices, pulling the strings that shape the elements of university life, like recreation, academics and athletics. 

To encourage integration and connection between the campus body and university admins, the Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership (SEAL) office hosted its first “Nothing is Sweeter than Meeting Admin” pop-up event featuring dozens of desserts by Wichita Cake Creations.

“I love love,” Caitlin Nolen, student advocacy coordinator and event organizer, said. “I feel like some students don’t know who our administration is, so I wanted to do an event where the administration could show love to students by just having a conversation with them and giving them treats.”

Hosted in the RSC on Monday, students and members of the campus community were invited to chat with nonstudent-facing employees. 

Case and Lefever were just a few administrators chatting with and calling passers-by over for their choice of free dessert. Shelly Coleman-Martins, VP of strategic communications and marketing and Werner Golling, VP for finance and administration, also made an appearance at the event. 

Positive reactions at the event gave Nolen and Sophie Martins, advocacy student assistant, the hope to make the event annual or biannual.

“I’m definitely going to remember all of the people saying ‘This is so nice, thank you for doing this,’” Martins said. “It’s been really nice seeing all the smiling faces.”