REVIEW: Pokémoto brings quality poké to Wichita


Victor DiMartino

Pokémoto offers a variety of toppings to customize your dish.

Do you ever just think, “man, I wish I could get a taste of Hawaii right now?” Well, now thanks to Pokémoto, you can!

Pokémoto is a Hawaiian restaurant located at the corner of Webb and Central. They offer lots of types of foods: bowls, wraps, salads, sides, boba and other imported teas. The most popular item is the “make your own bowl,” which is what I did.

Poké is basically a rice and seafood bowl. The ingredients here look and taste very fresh especially for being located in the middle of Kansas. There’s lots of seating for how small and cozy the place is, and the restrooms have surfers on the doors, which is a nice touch. 

They offer lots of different options for what you can put in the bowls. You start with a base of rice that takes up most of the bowl, then you get a certain amount of protein based on the size of your bowl. You can choose from  tofu, salmon, shrimp, tuna, lobster salad and chicken, for those that don’t like seafood. Then you get your mix-ins, which are just different types of fruit and veggies. Then you choose your sauce and they mix it all together. Lastly, you top it off with various items.

I got a large bowl, which, for someone who can eat a lot, I found to be just a little bit too much for me. For my protein, I got tofu, salmon, and chicken. All were great, although the tofu got a little soggy if I didn’t eat it right away. I found all of the mix-ins to be very good, the seaweed being the star of the show and the sauce was not overpowering. I also got a Hawaiian tea that was very flavorful for something sitting in a can. 

If you are thinking of trying this place out I definitely recommend it. It is a little pricey for what you’re getting, but considering there aren’t too many poké places in Wichita, you just got to take what you can get. And if you are still hungry for more, Pokémoto is located near lots of dessert places that you could go to after.