Plan to simplify Title IX training in the works


Kristy Mace

Jolynn Dowling, Faculty Senate president, speaks at the Faculty Senate meeting on March 27. Dowling was a nursing senator at the time.

For all stakeholders at the university, Title IX training at Wichita State can take anywhere from three to five hours every year.

To save time and energy, Courtney McHenry, executive director of Institutional Equity and Compliance, is working on a plan to streamline the training so that students, faculty and staff can avoid having to retake the same course every year, according to Faculty Senate President Susan Castro.

The initial training will still be required, but then a modified “refresher” course will replace it the following years an individual takes it.

“While this is important training, we have completed those courses before,” nursing senator Jolynn Dowling said at Monday’s Faculty Senate meeting. “To go through another three to five hours to complete the courses again, in their entirety, has been very cumbersome.”

This would help those who find themselves taking more than one Title IX course each year, like students hired as graduate assistants.

Castro did not specify a completion date.