REVIEW: Crispy Donuts Wichita is all the ‘dough’ you need to start your day


Jacinda Hall

Wichita Crispy Donuts food

Doughnuts are a breakfast staple for everyone of any age. They’re delicious, quick to eat and great to dip in coffee.

Local doughnut shop Crispy Donuts Wichita opened in March in west Wichita, where the old Taco Tico building stood. As the name suggests, they serve doughnuts, but they also serve beverages, such as coffee, milk tea and smoothies.

Crispy Donuts also serves breakfast and lunch items, such as pigs in a blanket, pastries and sandwiches.

The store’s donuts are airy and fluffy, with just the right amount of glaze on them, and they are made fresh daily.

Their iced coffee is creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness. You can add boba to coffee — or any drink they serve — for an extra 50 cents.

Crispy Donuts has a variety of lunch sandwiches, including bacon, pastrami, ham and roast beef. All sandwiches are served with a side of two orange slices, two cornichons and a pepperoncini.

I tried their bacon sandwich, and I was impressed. The bacon was crispy with a smoky flavor, and the flavor worked well with the croissant it was served on.

If you are looking for a place to grab a small lunch or just want a doughnut and some coffee without spending an arm or a leg, Crispy Donuts should be your new go-to.