SGA approves computer purchases


Selena Favela

Student senators listen to the officer address at the beginning of the first SGA meeting of the year.

Despite reservations from several senators, Student Government Association approved the purchase of four new computers to be used in the SGA Office, for a total of $4,480.41. The funds will come from the $5,000 SGA allocates per semester for office supplies. The purchase accounts for 89.6 percent of the allocated funds.

The bill passed with 34 of the 39 present senators voting in favor.

 SGA Advisor Nancy Loosle said that some of the computers being replaced were ten years old.

At-Large Sen. Alexis Landreth said that she opposed the purchase because of the cost.

“I just believe that we can get it for cheaper,” Landreth said. 

“It just doesn’t make any sense,” LAS Sen. Eugene Potts said. “We’ve got one of the better computer science programs in the state — probably the best in the state.”

“They could build you a computer a lot cheaper.”

Marshall Johnson, SGA treasurer, agreed the price was too high, but said options were limited due to a contract through the university.

“Personally, I don’t want to spend this much on it — I mean, if I could get a cheaper option or a better option, I would have,” Johnson said. “But this is the only option we have going through the university.”

Johnson said he expects the new computers, three all-in-one desktop units and one laptop, to last upwards of five years.