SGA postpones Las Vegas support resolution


Reid Linot

Xan Matteck and Shelby Rowell describe a bill they propose at the SGA meeting on Oct. 4.

After nearly one hour of discussion and debate, the Student Government Association voted to table the “Support for Las Vegas Shooting Victim and Families” resolution until Wednesday.

The resolution, co-authored by Fine Arts Sen. Xan Mattek and Liberal Arts and Sciences Sen. Shelby Rowell, proposed that the 60th session of SGA offer “its deepest condolences to the families and victims of this act of domestic terrorism.” The resolution also acknowledged the state’s campus concealed carry law and SGA’s resolution opposing the law from last year.

Mattek said the resolution addresses an uncomfortable topic.

“This conversation is particularly uncomfortable because lives are at stake,” Mattek said.

“The climate of fear created by situations such as these unfortunately forces us to have these conversations and we have the responsibility to act with empathy.”

Multiple senators said that, while they support the victims in Las Vegas, they couldn’t vote for the resolution as presented.

Health Professions Sen. Chris Thiel said the resolution was polarizing.

“The way it’s worded, you either support the victims of the Las Vegas terrorist attack or you support campus carry,” Thiel said. “Those are two separate issues.”  

At-large Sen. Taylor Williams said the bill should be split into two parts, one part offering condolences to the victims in Las Vegas and the other addressing SGA’s position on campus carry.

Returning Adult Sen. Timothy Dodd said both elements of the resolution were necessary.

International Sen. Haneesha Vishwa Sai said she supports the resolution, but it needed to be rewritten to be more specific.

Voting on the resolution was ultimately postponed until next week’s meeting to give senators the time to further research the bill and draft amendments.