Wichita State encourages self-reporting travel plans this semester


Audrey Korte

WSU community members planning international travel can now self-report their plans to the university.

Student Health Services and the Pandemic Planning Team launched a self-reporting website Tuesday for people planning to travel internationally. For now, the university is not extending the request to include domestic travel.

The goal is to track people traveling for pleasure — students, faculty, staff — anyone who regularly interacts with campus communities. It’s a voluntary mechanism, Director of Student Health Services and head of the university Pandemic Planning Team Camille Childers said Monday. 

“At least let us know where you’re going for your own safety, and if we need to reach you for some reason we have a way to do that and that would include personal travel. 

The site went live on Tuesday. It includes a brief international travel form that asks your name, dates of travel, country of travel, and whether you are a WSU student or employee.

“In this time of uncertainty and fast-moving developments, the Pandemic Team will use this information to help expedite communication with your instructors, supervisors and local health officials should you need to be quarantined or are otherwise delayed in returning to the United States by events related to the pandemic,” a statement on the site reads.

Access the form at: https://www.wichita.edu/services/studenthealth/travel-form.php