KBOR approves no tuition increase, $13 per credit hour increase in mandatory student fees


The Kansas Board of Regents approved Wichita State’s request for no tuition increase for the 2021-2022 school year during their meeting today.

The Board also approved a $13 per credit hour increase on all mandatory student fees. With this new fee structure, colleges have the ability to tailor the fee to the specific needs of the college. This will get rid of the current $97.25 online course fee.

Interim Provost Shirley Lefever visited a Student Government Association meeting in March with two different proposals to change the online fee. The other proposal was a $26.50 increase and gave colleges no flexibility to tailor the fee.

After discussing with students, the university decided to go with the $13 increase.

“The proposal to replace the online fee with the increase in the infrastructure fee is intended to generate the same dollar amount,” Lefever said in an SGA meeting in April.

To read a university release regarding the changes, click here.