Shropshire, Berry write-in campaign focused on furthering WSU’s legacy, creating internship opportunities

William Shropshire (right) and Zane Berry (left) are running for SGA president, Vice President

This year has seen the biggest write-in election push in recent years of the Student Government Association. William Shropshire and Zane Berry are one of the two write-in tickets for SGA president and vice president.

Shropshire, an aerospace engineering major and member of the rowing crew, is running for SGA president. He said that even though he’s never been involved in the association he sees that as an opportunity to relate to students.

“I’m not in SGA, so I don’t know all the intricacies of it,” Shropshire said. “But I can learn, and I will learn. And I will learn for those who are like me now.” 

“My biggest thing is giving the opportunity for others to vote for who should represent them because that’s what this is at the end of the day … I think I can do a pretty good job.”

Berry, a current SGA engineering senator, is running for vice president. He said that he does not see running as a write-in as a disadvantage. 

“Just being treated like regular candidates, even though unfortunately we’ve had to go this write-in route, I think that we really got a good chance,” Berry said. “It’s kind of crazy … But we’re working as hard as we can to get the votes.” 

Shropshire said his goal as president is to research the ins and outs of WSU and furthering the university’s legacy. 

“Looking at the past and upholding our traditions, our legacy that we have here at WSU, realizing what makes the campus the campus and what makes the students the students and then looking towards the present,” Shropshire said.

Berry said he wants his administration to push more for internships for students and connecting students to administration. As an engineering student, Berry said he sees a lack of internships for students outside of that field. 

“We have a lot more programs than I believe other colleges do,” Berry said. “So we understand as engineers how much of an advantage we had being engineers and we want to expand those opportunities to other students in other colleges.”

SGA voting is open April 4-6.

To learn about the declared candidates, click here. To read about the other write-in campaign, click here. All candidates are participating in a debate tomorrow at 6 p.m. in the Rhatigan Student Center room 233.