Minette, Wasinger write-in campaign focused on accessibility, connecting students to resources

Hunter Minette (left) and Annie Wasinger (right) are running for student body president and Vice President (Courtesy of Minette and Wasinger)

Only one ticket declared their candidacy for SGA president and vice president for this year’s SGA elections. But two write-in campaigns are wanting to fill those top positions.

Hunter Minette and Annie Wasinger, both members of Student Government Association, are one of those write-in tickets. 

Minette, who’s running for president, has two years of experience with SGA. He previously served as a senator and now he’s serving as SGA’s director of legislative affairs on the president’s cabinet.

“I think it’s important [to have another option], regardless of the platform,” Minette said. “I think it’s a good thing to be able to get other students’ input and have students who represent all these different areas of campus and [have] the option to choose.”

Minette said while their names are not on the ballot, there are advantages to writing in names.

“That’s a positive overall, it means there’s more students who understand what’s going on on campus, with the initiative of writing the name correctly, they know exactly what they’re getting and what we represent,” Minette said.

Wasinger, who’s running for vice president, is currently a freshman senator with the association.

Wasinger has used her platform as a senator to advocate for students with disabilities, and is wanting to use this new position to do the same. 

“There’s this accessibility cycle and this ableist cycle, what happens is you have a campus and location that isn’t ADA compliant like our campus,” Wasinger said. “It sends this message to students with disabilities and incoming students of, you know what, you’re not welcome here because you can’t access certain buildings.

“This is long overdue for us to be in full compliance.”

Two years into the pandemic, Minette said that it’s important to have leaders who are flexible and capable of leading during unprecedented times.

“We need to acknowledge that it’s definitely a transition period that’s happening right now [and] COVID is not over, wherever that ends up going,” Minette said. “I think it’s important to have at least two people in an office who understand [and] can make those hard decisions.”

SGA voting opens April 4 and goes through April 6.

To learn about the declared candidates, click here. To read about the other write-in campaign, click here. All candidates are participating in a debate tomorrow at 6 p.m. in the Rhatigan Student Center room 223.