Gallegos, Adamson next student body president, VP


Courtesy of Olivia Gallegos

Student Body President Olivia Gallegos (left) and Vice President Mitchell Adamson (right).

Olivia Gallegos and Mitchell Adamson were elected as student body president and vice president last Wednesday.  As the only declared ticket, they won 55% of the vote. Two other write-in candidates ran as well.

Gallegos, a second year SGA senator and the current president of Turning Point USA, said that she was very excited when she learned that she had won the election.

Gallegos said that what she is most excited about is getting back to serving students and the excitement of doing that on a broader scale.

Adamson, a sophomore economics major and former Sunflower staffer, said he is looking forward to connecting with students.

“I’m excited to give them a voice and to listen to the people that are around me and speak for them, which I’ve always found interesting and exciting,” Adamson said.

In terms of what some of their first goals as president and vice president are, Gallegos said that they will be working on their four platform points, which are transparency, financial literacy, mental health and safety.

“I think the first thing, we will definitely be very transparent about what’s going on and what we are doing and just hitting the ground running,” Gallegos said.

Adamson said he is excited to focus on the financial side.  He said they plan to talk to different organizations on campus right away.

“The biggest thing is thank you for electing us, and then the next thing I have to say with that is that we are excited to serve all students and be a voice for all students here on campus,” Gallegos said.

Adamson said he wants everyone’s voices to be heard.  

“I’m definitely here to allow everybody’s voice to be brought to the table,” Adamson said. “I think that, too many times, certain voices are excluded or discouraged and I think that we have the ability to help those people and speak up for them when they may not have the opportunity to.”