Freshman seals game four of fall world series


Rachel Rudisill

After trailing the Black Team since the first inning, the Yellow Team secured their fourth victory of the Fall World Series on Oct. 20 in Eck Stadium. The Yellow Team stormed the field after freshman Charlie Rogan ended the game with an RBI.

With tension high between the black and yellow teams, the black team ended up playing four pitchers in the last inning of game four of shocker baseball’s fall world series.

Things seemed to be looking up for the black team during the Oct. 20 fall series game. However, the yellow team won 5-4. 

With two experienced hitters up to bat, the black team automatically walked the yellow team in hopes of striking out freshman Charlie Rogan to end the game in another tie.

Rogan had other ideas for the yellow team, scoring a base hit off the first pitch sent to him. Rogan’s hit sent the runner on third, home, leaving yellow to win their third game of the series.

“I was just happy to come through like that for my team,” Rogan said. “We took this series really seriously from the start and said we’re going to do everything we can to end the fall on a good note. So to have a hit like that to win was a really special feeling.”

After the first inning, the black team was ahead 2-1 after runs from juniors Brock Rodden and Chuck Ingram.

The game took a turn after that and neither team scored for the next four innings. Leaving the score 2-1 as they entered the sixth inning. 

The black team took a further lead as junior Garrett Pennington hit the first home run of the night. Pennington had the only home run in game three. His run left the score at 3-1 at the bottom of the sixth.

The game seemed to be in the bag for the black team as Rodden hit the second home run at the top of the seventh, putting the team ahead 4-1.

The black team switched out four pitchers during the inning in hopes of keeping the yellow team at bay. Freshman pitcher Parker Dilhoff started the inning but was replaced by redshirt freshman Ty Howry later on.  

Howry was soon taken out as freshman Tristan Duke was brought into the game. Junior Patrick Dunn finished out the inning.

Two triples for the yellow team from junior Kyte McDonald and redshirt sophomore Jordan Rodgers tied the game 4-4. 

Rogan sealed the win for the yellow team soon after. 

Up next, the Shockers will play their last game of the fall World Series on Oct. 22 at 1 p.m in Eck Stadium.