REVIEW: ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls:’ yes, it’s ironic


Photo courtesy of HBO

Mindy Kaling’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls” brings quirky humor to the sensitive subject of becoming an adult.

During the first season of this show, you wonder, “is this show just bad or are they trying to be bad?” I’ve come to the conclusion it’s bad on purpose and you better believe it. If you couldn’t tell it’s bad on purpose by the fact all the actors are in their thirties and the fact literally every person in this show is ripped with muscles where muscles should not exist and they are all hotties. This is not my opinion, everyone in this show is a hottie.

At the beginning of the season, it is the start of the spring semester. While Whitney is finished with the soccer season and now has a ton of free time, she quickly learns she has no hobbies or passions outside of soccer. She is now a mess and decides to hang with Bela to see if there is anything she can figure out from her. Whitney decides to take a very difficult science class with Bela. They do horribly on the first test and the professor encourages everyone that did poorly to leave the class. Whitney decides to hunker down and commit to passing the class as a challenge to herself. She ends up falling in love with the class.

Leighton comes out of the closet and every girl can get it. Every girl got it to the point that Leighton ends up getting chlamydia. Every girl can now not get it. Leighton is rushing for a sorority that her mom was in and it was always her dream to join. Sadly lots of the women and former members of the sorority are homophobic and Leighton can’t deal with that so she talks to her mom about not joining and her mom is very supportive. Leighton then runs into Alicia, her ex, and they reconnect at the women’s center Leighton remembers how much she loves everyone at the women’s center and what they stand for.

Kimberly lost her scholarship at the end of the first season due to her cheating on a test, she is now scrambling on how to pay for her very expensive New England college. She decides to get student loans but she can’t find anyone to cosign with her and she doesn’t want to tell her parents. She then decides to sell her eggs. This works somehow, so if you are in dire need of cash and you have eggs, sell them. She starts seeing our favorite climate refugee from Kansas and they’re having a great time. Then she starts catching feelings for Whitney’s ex and, man, Kimberly is always getting herself into trouble. Let’s see how this turns out.

Oh, Bela. I believe Bela is based on the creator of this show, Mindy Kaling. Bela had a rough season.. It started out great with her doing great things, then she starts seeing a great guy. Then she ruins everything, she becomes a narcissist comedy elitist telling people they have no right making jokes, she cheats on her boyfriend with a comedian to try to get an edge on the competition for internships and she’s failing every class. She decides to transfer to a different school and the show ends on a cliffhanger.

All the girls in this show are so likable. This show is not about college girls having sex, it’s a fun show with funny problems. Life is so complicated yet everything happens so easily. I would like to be a character in this show so I could be hot. In conclusion, I give this show a ten out of ten for it made me laugh and I am always looking forward to the next episodes.