Enjoying athletics brings Shocker pride

It was hard at first to adjust to not having a football team on campus after coming from a school with football. Many students choose to enroll at a particular university for its athletic atmosphere and teams’ success.

Athletic programs bring a sense of pride to a university that academics alone cannot replace. Wichita State still provides that great athletic atmosphere for students and the community to enjoy without a football team.

There are few ways to help rookies and veterans enjoy Shocker athletics when attending events. Following these tips can make the experience more enjoyable for yourself and other fans.

When attending Shocker events, make sure all attire is black and yellow. Socks, tennis shoes, shirt, pants and everything in between should have a Shocker theme. The bookstore and local sport stores have a great supply to fit everyone’s style.

Joining into the cheers with the student section, dance and cheer squad is part of the experience. At first, it can be awkward and sometimes uncomfortable because nobody wants to feel out of place. But joining in gives students a sense of belonging and involvement. Never be afraid to scream or shout to show support.

At times, pep rallies are held to get students excited for upcoming contests and the sports season. Some examples of rallies that have been held in the past year include celebrations of the men’s basketball team’s trip to the Final Four, and the baseball team’s run to the College World Series. The rallies not only get students excited for contests and seasons, but also show the athletes that the community, university and city are supporting their success and wish the teams the best.

Opportunities to enjoy Shocker athletics and show off pride are endless at this university. Attending sport events is one of many ways that students are able to get involved. It brings social activity and creates opportunities to meet new people. Getting out and enjoying the opportunity is something simple and easy to do.

Take a break from studying, and show the world why WSU students are never afraid to show Shocker pride.