Greek life is “a lifelong family”

There is a lot under the togas of Greek life students at Wichita State: philanthropy, community service and leadership.

Matt Conklin, President of the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Wichita State’s governing body of men’s social fraternities, said Greek organizations are one of the pillars of student activity and involvement at WSU.

“Greek life gives you the opportunity to create your own traditional college experience,” Conklin said. “Fraternities and sororities do a lot of philanthropy. We raise a lot of money for the university, community and the surrounding area. Many people don’t think of that when they think of Greek life.”

Besides giving students a more traditional college experience, Greek life also helps members to grow as people.

Bri Kitchings is the Woman’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) Recruitment Coordinator. The WPA is the governing body for the six National Panhellenic Conference sororities at WSU.

She said Greek life gives students an experience they cannot get within a classroom.

“There are so many things that you learn and grow from being a part of Greek life,” Kitchings said. “For instance, take leadership. If you would have seen me four years ago, I was that girl who was scared to speak up or do anything. Now I hold an office in my chapter and sit on our Standard Board. I’m SGA Vice-President, and now I am in charge of sorority formal recruitment. [Greek life] taught me how to be a leader and to be a confident woman.”

Kitchings said she learned skills like time management and organization by being part of Greek life.

As the fall semester kicks off, Greek organizations will have information booths and events set up around campus. Conklin said it is important for students to visit the more than 30 different Greek organizations to find one that fits for them.

Greek organizations provide students access to other Greek life students at WSU and to people nationwide, said Cree Enna, president of the Multicultural Greek Council.

“When I [joined], it was like a change. I didn’t feel like the same person anymore. I felt like I was better than before because I was a part of something bigger than myself,” Enna said. “For Greek life as a whole, the benefit is bigger than most people see. It’s more than what you do at your university: It’s a lifelong family that you gain from being part of it.”