Campus superstitions

Staff Reporter

 Superstitions vary across the country, but most are associated with certain monuments and campus buildings. 

Wichita State University is no exception. On their way to class, students may come across the Plaza of Heroines, the iconic LOVE sculpture, or one of the large clovers outside Wallace Hall – all of which are linked to a campus superstition.

The Plaza of Heroines 

This is in the center of the campus, exhibiting a bronze sculpture by Sophia Vari and surrounded by granite benches.

“I heard that if you walk through the Plaza of Heroines, you don’t graduate,” said student Shannon Glover.

Some refer to it as “Failure Circle” for obvious reasons. 

Variations include walking through it as a freshman and not graduating, and walking through it as a freshman and failing a semester. 

The LOVE sculpture 

This work by Robert Indiana is located outside Grace Wilkie Hall. Some believe that college sweethearts who kiss in front of the sculpture are destined to marry- but the jury is out on who these couples may be.

Engineer clovers 

Two clovers are laid on a tiled path outside Wallace Hall, where many engineering classes take place. They represent St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineers, according to engineering recruitment coordinator Andrea Holzwarth. Some believe that anyone who walks on a clover will end up marrying an engineer.

Whether students choose to believe them or not, these campus superstitions have been around for a while and are likely to stay.