Top ten to-dos to add to your Wichita State University bucket list

Steven Haneveld, Sophomore, Polital Science. Steven has crossed many things off of his bucket list (such as being a member of SGA and SAC), and can now cross off another with his letter to The Sunflower editor.


Need a set of goals to achieve while in college? Here’s something you can pin to your wall and check off as you go through your college career. 

10. Write a letter to the editor of The Sunflower – Aside from this plug for the paper, do you usually have a strong opinion about something happening in your college you want others to hear about? 

Put it in words, and send it to the editor of the Wichita State newspaper and it may be published. This paper wants to know what college students think. If you feel your voice is missing, make it heard. You can’t make your feelings known by being silent.

9. Visit the various museums on campus – Boasting a wide variety of creative efforts from many artists and styles, the Ulrich Museum of Art gives students a chance to reflect and draw inspiration to succeed.  

The museum is going through renovations but will reopen at 1 p.m. on Sept. 16. In the meantime, check out the Lowell D. Holmes Anthropology Museum. It’s loaded with a unique collection of artifacts uncovered by anthropology students, providing that same sensibility to excel, whatever your major is. 

8. Attend a show on campus – The Wichita State School of Performing Arts and the School of Music guarantee to produce showstoppers. From their theater performances to musical concerts, they showcase students’ talents under the tutelage of experienced masters of their craft. If you think you have the chops to perform, feel free to audition. 

7. Attend a Shocker sporting event – While the campus is known for not having a football team, Wichita State more than makes up for it with championship-winning baseball, basketball and softball teams. The bowling and rowing teams are also making their mark on campus circuit. 

Attending one of these events is the best way to show your school pride and support your fellow students. They may not know you personally, but in that moment you cheer them on, there’s a great sense of connection among your peers.

6. Join a campus club – A major part of college life is getting to know other students with similar interests. The best way to achieve this is by being a part of the wide variety of clubs on campus. It guarantees a better reaction and relationship between fellow students in a real life setting, rather than through social networking.

5. Attend a SAC event – The Student Activities Council works each week to have various events happen on campus, ranging from a special guest speaker to themed dances, to movie and karaoke nights or even just a game night everyone can do. It also helps keep students from getting into real trouble. 

4. Make use of a tutor – Getting lower grades than you should? Don’t be afraid to seek help through the use of tutors on campus in all departments. A tutor hates nothing more than to not be able to help. 

3. Make use of the Heskett Center – Want to break a sweat not caused by studying? It’s one swipe of your WSU card away at the Heskett Center. From the cardio room to the weight room, along with indoor basketball courts and running track, the various facilities provide the thrill of exercise and help keep you in shape during your college tenure. 

Also provided is a unique indoor, year round natatorium pool and diving well. Spa rooms, along with therapeutic massages, are also provided.

2. Make use of Career Services or Co-op – Need a job that works better with your school schedule? Then consider a job on campus, either working at the campus store or the information desks. Those who wish to get a head start on their future careers should sign up for the Co-op services offered on campus.

1. Get an education – Let’s not forget the reason why you’re here: to get that college degree. Not only does it look good in a frame on your wall, but it’s the first thing employers want to know if you have. 

So, no matter how hard it gets, don’t consider dropping out. Keep your eye on the ultimate prize. Showing that grade school, middle school and high school were worth your while to get a college degree.