Separate colleges combine to create one outstanding university

Staff Reporter

Wichita State is made up of many parts to create students’ success and its academic institution. The first step of that success comes from the six academic colleges. 

They are the W. Frank Barton School of Business, The College of Education, The College of Engineering, The College of Fine Arts, The College of Health Professions and Fairmount College of Liberal Arts. Each one offers many major options to undergraduate and graduate students.

With programs ranging from a major in Bioengineering, the only such program in the state, to an Early Childhood Unified with Special Education Residency strand in the Master of Arts in Teaching, the first known program of its kind in the nation, students have lots of choices when it comes to picking what to study at WSU.

To help make that decision easier, or to refresh your memory on what the university has to offer, here’s a breakdown of all six colleges.

W. Frank Barton School of Business

11 undergraduate majors including Accounting, International Business, Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship

Mission: “The Barton School of Business advances the knowledge and practice of business, reaches out to constituents, and prepares students to successfully compete in the global entrepreneurial marketplace.”

The College of EducationNumber of Students: 4,000

Number of Majors offered: 17 (7 Bachelor’s, 8 Master’s, 1 Specialist Degree, and 1 Doctorate)

Most Popular Major: Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

Most Unique Major: Athletic Training 

 “Programs in the College of Education range from early childhood education to the health and fitness of senior adults. Because we are located in the largest urban center in Kansas, all WSU College of Education students receive valuable hands-on, real-world experiences with diverse populations as part of their preparation for 21st century careers. Students in all programs, from those studying to be classroom teachers to doctoral candidates, engage in site-based learning in schools and active-living organizations. With campus offices in a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building, the college exemplifies Wright’s leadership in using new technologies, active and enriching environments, and student-teacher engagement.”  Dr. Sharon Hartin Iorio, Dean of the College of Education

The College of Engineering

Number of Students: 1538 undergraduate, 650 graduate

Number of Majors offered: 20 (9 Bachelor’s, 7 Master’s, and 4 PhD)

Most Popular Major: Aerospace Engineering

Most Unique Major: Engineer for Manufacture – Only major of its kind offered in the region

“Over 33% of the engineers in the local aircraft companies are WSU graduates. The “Engineer of 2020” program is based upon the National Academies of Engineering report and provides WSU Engineering graduates a competitive advantage to enable them to be productive soon after graduation.” Dr. Zulma Toro-Ramos, Dean of the College of Engineering

The College of Fine Arts

Offers majors in three schools: the School of Art and Design, the School of Music and the School of Performing Arts

Only comprehensive College of Fine Arts in Kansas

Mission: “The College of Fine Arts at Wichita State University enhances and advocates artistic excellence through teaching, learning and expression.”

The College of Health Professions

Offers majors in seven programs: Communication Science and Disorders, Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate), Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant and Public Health Sciences

Mission: “The mission of the College of Health Professions is to improve the health of the community by engaging students, faculty, staff, and the larger community in the preparation of healthcare leaders, scholars, and professionals.  We create an innovative learning environment embracing:

    Adaptive leadership

    Inter-professional education

    Scholarly engagement

    Community partnership”

Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Number of Students: 5,769 undergraduate, 709 graduate

Number of Majors: 19 core majors with opportunities to choose an emphasis within a major

Most Popular Majors: Psychology, Criminal Justice, Communication, Biology, and Pre-Med

Most Unique Majors: Pre-professional programs in medicine, law and veterinary medicine; Field Majors and Bachelor of General Studies.

“Fairmount College offers undergraduate majors in the liberal arts: natural sciences and mathematics; social and behavioral sciences; humanities; and programs of professional training. An education in these liberal arts disciplines helps students develop knowledge and appreciation of our physical and biological world, the arts and different cultures; and an awareness of civic responsibilities as well as professional preparation.” Dr. Eunice Doman Myers, Associate Dean of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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