SGA appoints senators to pro-tempore president, alternate positions



Honors Sen. Lucas Webb, left, and LAS Sen. Crystal Zacarias were appointed as senate president pro-tempore and alternate at the Wednesday SGA meeting. The two positions are part of the executive line-of-succession.

The Student Senate elected a pro-tempore senate president and alternate at its Wednesday meeting.

The pro-tem and alternate positions are part of the line-of-succession to executive SGA positions.

“The senate is charged with establishing the official line-of-succession,” said Student Body Vice President Michael Bearth. “If any position in the line of succession becomes permanently vacant, the senate must pass a bill appointing these vacant positions.”

Any SGA member, besides the current student body president and vice president, is eligible for the positions if they are at least a junior. Appointed senators were not considered for either role.

Eligible candidates for the positions were Business Sen. Cynthia Matson, Engineering Sens. Thu Mai and Olga Navarro, Graduate Sen. Michael Giunta, Honors Sen. Lucas Webb, Returning Adult Sen. Tyler Coats, Liberal Arts and Sciences Sens. Olivia Babin and Crystal Zacarias, and At-Large Sens. Maribel Sanchez and Walter Wright.

After seeing the list of eligible candidates, senators were allowed to make motions to nominate specific people. Ultimately, Sen. Webb was selected as pro-tem senate president and Sen. Zacarias was selected as the alternate.

Webb, a senior aerospace engineering major, has been involved with SGA since he joined the Freshman Council. He has been an honors senator for two years.

“My focus this year is getting honors students implemented into [the remodeled Honors College space] and seeing what kind of opportunities that brings us,” Webb said before his selection. “Also, a big focus has been getting more diversity within the Honors College.”

Before her selection, Sen. Zacharias, chair of the safety and student services committee, said her main goals this year are to implement services for students, including the annual Campus Safety Walk and a bill to change hours at the parking garage.