After informal investigation, Wichita State retains Jody Adams

Jody Adams will remain the head coach of the Wichita State women’s team after an internal review into the women’s basketball program, the university announced Tuesday in an emailed statement.

President John Bardo appointed Julie Scherz, faculty athletic representative, to run an informal investigation after four players — two of them starters — said they were leaving the team.

Scherz interviewed 38 current and former members of the basketball team, coaching staff, team members, parents and others associated with the program, the release stated.

“It was agreed there were conflicting stories in the interviews,” the release stated.

“I acted out of concern for the welfare of our student athletes,” Bardo said in the release. “Scherz found a strong difference of opinion among players; some whose complaints about Coach Adams were numerous and concerning; others who held Coach Adams in high regard. The agreement we reached with Coach Adams today is intended to promote a positive culture in the program for all players.”

One of the agreements in the release is the appointment of a consultant in sports psychology who may be able to help both the coaching staff and student athletes.

“Working with this consultant will help everyone identify their challenges, set goals, increase confidence and cope with difficult times to ensure the continual improvement of the WSU’s women’s basketball team,” the release states. “Players will also have enhanced open lines of communication to the faculty athletic representative and the athletic director.”