Survey of campus leads to recommendations from Faculty Senate


Danielle Wagner

Ashlie Jack, assistant dean and accreditation officer for the College of Education goes over the results of the 2022 Hanover Climate Survey results.

Every three years faculty, staff and students participate in the Hanover Climate survey. This survey breaks down issues each college might be encountering academically and opportunity-wise.

After the conduction of the 2022 survey, the university will have a firmer idea on how the population of WSU feels about being included.

Ashlie Jack, assistant dean and Accreditation Officer for the College of Education, talked to the Faculty Senate about how to go about inclusiveness within their colleges.

Jack discussed the issues commonly faced on campus, like food insecurity, discrimination and mental health.

“We’re doing so many great things,” Jack said. “But where are we falling short on sharing that with our faculty, staff, and students? How do we better educate them on the resources that we have?”

Hanover recommended the university look over existing programs to increase access to resources. Also suggested was that there be alterations to the reporting process of discrimination and other issues at WSU. 

Posters will be dispersed throughout campus to increase knowledge of the reporting process. 

Additional ways to support food insecurity were brought up, including opportunities for leftover food at the RSC to be boxed and offered to food insecure students.

The last recommendation from Hanover was to pay more attention to discrimination happening on campus. Encouraging everyone to report if they see something happen or if they personally have been discriminated against.