‘I’m still in the community:’ Dean of Students leaves Wichita State


Austin Shaw

Dr. Aaron L. Austin works in student affairs which includes Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Resident Life

Aaron Austin, Dean of Students and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, announced his departure from Wichita State on Jan. 3.

Austin accepted a position at TNG as a behavioral intervention team/threat assessment consultant.

He started his position back in 2017 and said he felt like he resonated with the experience of students at Wichita State. Austin grew up in southwest Kansas before going to a state school. He received pell grants and student loans and was also a first-generation student. 

“I thought there was a lot of connection between my experience and a lot of students who are here, and so I just felt like that was a really good fit for me,” Austin said. 

Austin said he hopes that he leaves this role a little better than he found it.

“Families … give us their greatest treasure … their students, and ask us to care for them while they’re here,” Austin said. “And I hope I was able to live up and to do that for families and for students.”

Over the years that Austin worked at WSU, he said his favorite part was seeing the growth of the students. 

“The best part is always, you know, seeing students who are graduating … and knowing that we help them to get to that space,” Austin said.

Austin said he’s received a lot of positive messages from students, faculty and staff about this news, and he’s grateful for their kindness.

“I’m looking forward to still being able to continue some of those relationships. The new position, I’m still in the community, I’m still around,” Austin said. “I hope that if there are ways that I can help that people feel free to reach out if I can offer any assistance.” 

Austin’s last day will be Friday, Jan. 6. There will be a farewell event for Austin at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 5 in RSC 266.