Annual $22 increase to student fees approved by Senate, president next


Mia Hennen

Members of the Student Senate clap before the adjournment of the Aug. 31, 2022 meeting.

A 2.9% — or an $11 a semester — increase in student fees was presented to the Student Senate last week. At this week’s meeting, the Senate voted to pass the bill.

Of the 48 votes, 31 senators voted in favor of passing the bill. While only two voted against it, and 15 abstained.

Next, President Rick Muma will receive the legislation and approve it or deny it.

If approved, the Kansas Board of Regents will then make the final decision on whether to implement the new student fees or not.

Were President Muma or KBOR to deny the legislation, the process would start over again, meaning that the bill will be taken back to the Student Fees Committee to reevaluate.

The legislative council for SGA would then be required to meet during the summer to approve an adapted student fees bill.