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OPINION: What is with this new Golden guy?

Wichita State's new president Jay Golden eats breakfast on Tuesday at Shocker Hall with community stakeholders, including a group of Diversity Interns and Bobby Gandu, assistant vice president and director of undergraduate admissions. Golden was named the 14th president of WSU in October.

Olivia Babin, Columnist

January 27, 2020

I have a strange feeling about Jay Golden, Wichita State University’s new president. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but I finally figured it out — I’ve met him. Let me explain. I’ve been heavily involved as a student at WSU all three years that I’ve been here. I have attended numerous...

OPINION: Women’s March holds an emerging legacy of mobilization

Danielle Johnson, Assistant Director of Office of Diversity and Inclusion, speaks at the Women's March on Jan. 25.

Tajahnae Stocker, Columnist

January 26, 2020

The first Women’s March took place in January 2017 after the inauguration of Donald Trump. It is considered the largest protest in US history. It was in response to statements made by Trump prior to his election about women and other marginalized people. Since 2017, there have been marches in cities...

OPINION: It’s a new decade, Shockers: Nihilism be damned

OPINION: It's a new decade, Shockers: Nihilism be damned

Jeromiah Taylor, Opinion Editor

January 22, 2020

To be perfectly honest, I'm terrified.  Who wouldn’t be? We as a species are looking down the barrel of irreversible ecological disaster, military unrest, and significant, though not unprecedented, political corruption.  Besides that, there’s the terrifying reality that on Jan.1, 2020 we embarked on a new decad...

OPINION: Campus YMCA parking policies exclude university constituents

The parking lot outside of the new Steve Clark YMCA. Students are now allowed to park in it for up to two hours if they are using the new facility.

Kamilah Gumbs, Columnist

January 22, 2020

Wichita State Chief of Staff Andy Schlapp spoke about the new YMCA on campus to the board of trustees earlier this month. Throughout his presentation about what the new YMCA brings to campus, an important question was brought up — Who is allowed to park in the new lot?   If you’ve ever had the opportunity to gr...

OPINION: ‘Hard Megxit’ racist solution to racist problem

For Column

Jeromiah Taylor, Opinion Editor

January 22, 2020

This week Buckingham Palace broke its silence on what the press has dubbed “Megxit,” or the change in role for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex prompted by their desire to “step down as senior royals.” A statement from the Queen outlined the new arrangement. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wil...

OPINION: The real meaning of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day

For Column on MLK Day

Tajahnae Stocker, Columnist

January 22, 2020

Over the weekend and continuing through Wednesday, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Wichita State, in collaboration with the surrounding community, hosted events that celebrated the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Through parades, church sermons and celebratory events, it is t...

OPINION: So long, and thanks for all the free T-shirts

Opinion Editor Kevin Benavides has a celebratory drink at Ziggy's Pizza.

Kevin Benavides, Opinion Editor

December 12, 2019

I’m currently writing this in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Kansas City after finding out a potential job opportunity I was interviewing for wasn’t much more than multi-level marketing with a little extra flair and not as much product buying. So don’t ask me how the job search is going. If...

OPINION: Ight, imma head out

Multimedia Editor Eduardo Castillo on the Newseum balcony during The Sunflower's trip to Washington D.C. for the fall national media convention.

Eduardo Castillo, Multimedia Editor

December 12, 2019

Graduating in four years feels like leaving the party early, so instead, I did it in four-and-a-half. In my short two-and-a-half years at WSU, I have done quite a bit, but the best part of my college experience has undoubtedly been the people who made it memorable. No one remembers their college years...

REVIEW: ‘The Mandalorian’ is good so far — and not just because of Baby Yoda

Baby yoda

Daniel Caudill, News Editor

December 3, 2019

When I first heard about Disney’s new streaming service in advertisements and in the news across the media conglomerate’s Fox-owned outlets — weird, right? — it didn’t sound like a service tailored for me.  Just like most zoomers, I grew up with Disney movies, shows and the channel, but...

OPINION: ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ should have stayed bad

Left, the original animation of Sonic the Hedgehog. Right, Sonic after a $9.5 million renovation.

Brogan Gillmore, Columnist

December 2, 2019

I liked the bad Sonic design so much more than the $5 million-dollar redesign that fans clamored for after the introduction of the beady-eyed speed rodent we won’t be seeing. This is coming from a 23-year-old who loved Sonic when he was growing up. I would play the games, read the comics and watch...

REVIEW: ‘Knives Out’ delivers all the mystery and comedy it promised

Screenshot from the new movie

Olivia Babin, Movie Critic

December 2, 2019

It’s not very often that I’m extremely excited for a movie when I haven’t already enjoyed the book or when it’s not a sequel (or prequel or franchise). But I was super excited for “Knives Out.” The movie trailer itself is a masterpiece, using “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die” by Frank...

LTTE: Jeanne Gawdun, Kansans For Life Director of Government Relations

LTTE: Jeanne Gawdun, Kansans For Life Director of Government Relations

November 26, 2019

Dear Editor, Wichita State University Emeritus Professor H. Edward Flentje's recent diatribe against pro-life Kansans demands a response. Kansans for Life is the state's largest pro-life organization, and our members come from all walks of life. What unites us is our respect for human life, born...