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Into the Zeitgeist: find your voice

Into the Zeitgeist: find your voice

“In a time of voicelessness, when virtually every member of society has something they would like to change about the world and yet find themselves unable to rise above the white noise of presidential tweets and Kardashian scandals, we all need to find our voices more than ever,” writes Opinion Editor Jeromiah Taylor.
Jeromiah Taylor September 14, 2020

In the documentary “Becoming,” about Michelle Obama’s tour promoting her book of the same name, there is a scene where the former first lady is meeting with a group of female high school students....

Staff Editorial: WSU should worry more about the spread of COVID-19 than the spread of information

Staff Editorial: WSU should worry more about the spread of COVID-19 than the spread of information

"A lack of transparency allows the university to make policy decisions with minimal accountability to public opinion. While that may be politically expedient for university administration, it is catastrophic in terms of public health on campus, not to mention highly unethical for a publicly funded institution," writes The Sunflower's Editorial Board.
Staff Editorial September 14, 2020

A lack of transparency has marked Wichita State University’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Instructors are not allowed to inform students if one of their classmates has tested positive for...

Jay, please learn how to take a selfie

Jay, please learn how to take a selfie

The Sunflower's Visuals Director Morgan Anderson takes aim at university President Jay Golden's prolific selfie-taking.
Morgan Anderson September 11, 2020
"His face sat in the lower left corner, unveiling a half-cringed smile that brought me to tears of laughter. I wasn’t surprised. It’s a typical boomer selfie. Then again, maybe he was distracted by the crowd and forgot to use his face. Happens to everyone."
Kamilah headshot

Kamilah’s Corner

This is to new beginnings
Kamilah Gumbs, Columnist September 1, 2020
This column is a part of a new chapter of my life. This semester is a new beginning of all of our lives. 
Into the Zeitgeist: What is your basic joy?

Into the Zeitgeist: What is your basic joy?

Jeromiah Taylor, Opinion Editor September 1, 2020
That is my version of hope. The belief that the best is not behind me. Not behind us. That alongside the ugliness is an indomitable beauty. 
Editorial Cartoon

EDITORIAL: Open or closed campus? There are no good choices.

Staff Editorial August 31, 2020

As universities across the country close their campuses mere weeks into the fall semester the question arises: will Wichita State University stick to its original plan or will it close campus indefinitely?...

Rodney Clark, chief of the Wichita State University Police Department

Guest column: A letter from Wichita State Police Chief Rodney Clark

Rodney Clark, Wichita State University Police Chief August 18, 2020

Welcome back, everyone, for another semester at Wichita State University! For all of our first-time students and their families, welcome to your college experience.  My name is Rodney Clark and I am...

Rija Khan, student body president

Guest column: A letter from Student Body President Rija Khan

Rija Khan, Student Body President August 18, 2020

Dear Shocker Nation, The last few months have been a challenge for us all. Not only has the pandemic changed the way campus operates, it has changed our lives and our futures forever. In this moment,...

Karen Galindo, arts and entertainment editor

From the A&E editor: It’s time to stop undervaluing our arts

Karen Galindo, Arts and Entertainment Editor August 18, 2020

Welcome new and returning Shockers! I’m Karen Galindo, this semester’s arts and entertainment editor at The Sunflower. I am looking forward to covering campus culture to the best of my ability. In...

Koch Arena sits empty on Friday. Much uncertantity still surrounds sports this year, including whether or not fans will be able to attend.

ANALYSIS: Where every WSU sport stands going into the 2020-21 school year

Sean Marty, Sports Editor August 17, 2020

While students are coming back to campus in a limited capacity this semester, much uncertainty still surrounds sports seasons for the 2020-21 school year. With rumors that fall sports or college football...

Jeromiah Taylor, opinion editor

From the opinion editor: Opinion writing is more important now than ever

Jeromiah Taylor, Opinion Editor August 17, 2020

Since the last print issue of The Sunflower, the United States has succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement has been reignited by the tragic deaths of George Floyd and others,...

Daniel Caudill, former editor in chief

From the editor: Help us amplify your voice

Daniel Caudill, Editor in Chief August 17, 2020

As fall classes are finally underway, you’ve probably had the point drilled in your head already: this semester is gonna be weird. And while most of campus is adjusting its operations to be suited for...

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