Police: ‘No evidence’ of shots fired this morning on campus

Wichita State police found no evidence that an early-morning report of shots fired and multiple injuries on campus was true.

Campus police received the reporting call around 1 a.m. this morning, Sgt. Michael Turenne said. The caller said “it was near a stadium” and that there were multiple shots fired, in addition to multiple injuries, but gave little detail beyond that, Turenne said.

The call immediately led to response from campus and Wichita Police Department officers. A large presence of officers could still be seen around campus in the early afternoon.

Police searched all areas that fit the stadium description — Eck Stadium and other sporting event locations like Charles Koch Arena — in addition to a general search of most of campus, Turenne said.

“We searched all of the areas where it could have possibly been, plus more, and we couldn’t find anything,” Turenne said. “We did not feel there was any credible threat to the campus community.”

Officers on duty when the call was received said they didn’t hear any shots, Turenne said.

At this time, police aren’t sure if the call was a prank, or if the caller truly believed shots were fired and people were injured. Campus police have concluded their search, Turenne said.