Intoxicated student with firearm apprehended on campus last week


Kylie Cameron

An intoxicated student with a firearm was apprehended by the Wichita State police Wednesday in Grace Wilkie Hall.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m. Less than 10 minutes after this story was published, the office of the general counsel provided The Sunflower the redacted first page of the incident report. The description of the incident reads only “Sick and Cared For.”


Wichita State police responded Wednesday to a report of an intoxicated student with a firearm in the Military and Veteran Student Center in Grace Wilkie Hall.

Capt. Guy Schroeder said the student was apprehended without a struggle and treated medically.

“He was taken for a check at the hospital,” Schroeder said.

“He was never taken to jail.”

Schroeder said at no point were other students, faculty, or staff threatened by the intoxicated student.

“The only threats made were to himself,” Schroeder said.

“Nobody reported to us any kind of threats whatsoever. Not at all.”

WSU Vice President for Strategic Communications Lou Heldman reiterated that no one else in the student center was in danger.

“I don’t think there was a reason for anyone else to be concerned for their safety,” Heldman said.

“The other veterans who were there were immediately asked . . . to leave the center, and then the police dealt with it in what sounded like a professional manner.”

Schroeder said the student was incapacitated when the police arrived.

“He was under the influence bad enough that he was passed out when we had contact with him,” Schroeder said.

In accordance with state law, concealed carry became legal in all buildings on campus in July 2017. There were three weapons arrests made in 2017, according to the annual security report released by university last week.

“Someone having a concealed weapon is a completely legal act,” Heldman said. “It changes when there’s a visible weapon, and there was in this case. Then, the next stage, which did not happen as I understand it, is if a weapon is displayed in a threatening manner to others.”

It is illegal to possess a firearm while intoxicated in Kansas.

Schroeder said he doesn’t know if the student has been back on campus since Wednesday.

The first page of all incident reports filed with the university police department are open record. The Sunflower requested the incident report from the university police Friday and was informed Monday that an official open records request must be filed with the office of the general counsel.

The office has three business days to fulfill The Sunflower’s request.