Man promoting Bible chat threatens, follows students


A man who had “some disagreements about the Bible” threatened and followed two students in the parking lot outside Wilkins softball stadium Monday evening, campus police said.

The man was approaching students and asking them to join a Bible chat, Police Chief Rodney Clark said Thursday. The man — described by the students as medium-build, five-foot-seven, black, short-haired, and named Mario — started making threats after the students disagreed with his views.

He then “got real close” to one of the students and said, “I’m going to punch you in the face,” Clark said.

The students started to walk away when the threats began, but the man kept following them and continued to threaten them, Clark said.

“He said, ‘Whatever this means, you have one more chance. Apostle Paul killed Christians.’”

Clark said the man then took the threats even further: “‘I’ve learned what the penalty for manslaughter can be, and it would be limited to eight years.’”

The man eventually stopped following the students, Clark said. He never did anything physical to the students, Clark said.

The man isn’t affiliated with Wichita State, and never said if he was with a specific church, Clark said. The incident is still under investigation.